Holiday Inspiration: Soak in the best of Byron Bay

Ahh Byron Bay-by, I do love you!

If you're on the hunt for your next holiday destination and you'd like to cheer up, slow down and chill out, then Byron Bay is the place for you. 

Located in the far north-eastern corner of New South Wales, Byron Bay is a town with a big heart and a whole lot of hippie spirit. Byron is loved by many for its crystal clear ocean waters, surf culture, stunning sunsets and unbeatable chilled vibe. 

Each time I visit Byron, I leave with a new experience, a new memory and a new recommendation. Visiting for the first time can definitely be overwhelming as there is so  much to see and do, so I've pulled together my top tips to help you get the most out of Byron Bay. 

Cafes Cafes Cafes

Byron Bay has so much to offer when it comes to cafe culture. As a coffee loving location, the competition is strong and cafes need to keep up. 

Coffee loves, acai afficionado's and professional brunchers alike - here's a list of my favourite breakfast spots located right in the middle of town:


Pretty sure I'm correct in saying that the term #InstaGoals originates from this spot. Every single detail is picture perfect, just waiting to be grammed.

If the words raw, organic, vegan and gluten-free generally turn you off, don't be deterred, the food is truly delicious! Here you will find fair trade coffee, fermented breads, kombucha on tap, fresh smoothies and raw sweet treats. The food presentation and pink table tops are begging to be photographed. 

Try a house made almond mylk latte with one of their organic acai bowls (add peanut-butter for extra yummy-ness) - delicious and almost too pretty to eat. 

Bayleaf Cafe  

 Bayleaf is undeniably king of the Byron cafe scene.

Only a few streets back from the beach, this spot is always bustling with loyal locals. During peak season Bayleaf can get quite full, but the wait is never long and the food is worth it. As far as Byron cliches go, Bayleaf delivers quite a few - golden lattes, coconut cold brew and kombucha all served by tousle-haired locals. 

My personal favourites are the dukkah poaches eggs and the house made bircher museli. If you feel like trying something different to your standard coffee order, try and iced chai latte.

Byron Fresh Cafe

Every time we stay in Bryon, Byron Fresh is one of our most frequently visited spots, friendly staff, good food, great coffee and an amazing location - there isn't much more to ask for!

Byron Fresh is located right in the middle of town - prime people watching position. Grab a table outside and enjoy trying to decipher the many different languages and accents that pass by. 

If you're a carb-loving-fiend like me then you have to try their toast! I'm aware that this sounds like an incredibly boring breakfast suggestion, but there is honestly something about this bread. It is sourced from 'The Bread Social' out of The Farm Byron Bay (another must visit) and I have no idea what they do but it is honestly like crack... (I imagine).

They also get bonus points for their super photogenic 'LOVE' bench. 

Spend a day at Wategos Beach

I say I love Byron Bay, but in all honesty, I love Wategos even more. Just around the corner from the pass and nestled in under the Byron Bay Lighthouse, lies Wategos Beach - heaven on earth.

Byron is stunning, but Wategos is a step above. This place might look slightly familiar to you... it is frequently visited by insta-celebrities and Aussie influencers. They flock here to make the most of the pristine sand, crystal clear waters and stunning sunsets. 

If you're driving in, get there early to make sure you get a park, but be careful of the parking rangers, they're out in full force here. Grab a coffee from the coffee can at Raes and settle in for a day at the beach. I 100% recommend staying around to enjoy the sunset (around 7pm is prime Instagram time).

Enjoy a Sunrise at the Lighthouse

I have failed you guys with this one and don't actually have a good photo of the lighthouse. However I think that this photo from up there looking out across Tallows Beach gives you a pretty clear idea as to why this is on the list.

Luckily/unluckily last time I was in Byron I was experiencing quite bad jetlag having recently returned from Austria. This meant I was unable to sleep past 4 am, but I used this to my advantage and ran up to the lighthouse each morning to witness some extremely breathtaking and serene sunrises. 

From one side you can see the stretches of Tallows Beach, from the other Byron Bay in all its glory and out front is the most easterly point of Australia. If you're willing to spare a few hours of sleep, waking up early to catch a sunrise from the lighthouse really should be on your 'must do' list. 

Treat yourself to Happy Hour at The Mez Club

Happy Hour... need I say more?

There's something about the Mediterranean interior of The Mez Club that creates the perfect chilled and carefree atmosphere. Is there any better way to wind down after a day in the sun than with a cocktail in hand? 

Mez Club delivers the perfect Happy Hour from 5-6PM (hours extended during peak periods), with prices ranging from $10-$14 per cocktail. I think these prices are super reasonable considering how steep Aussie alcohol prices generally are. The cocktail menu has been created with a passion for freshness, value and colour. My two top picks are the Ink Gin & Tonic (pictured above - how pretty!) and the Espresso Martini (duh...). 

If you're not wanting to stray too far from the beach, Miss Margarita (same owners) also delivers with the Happy Hour deals. Who doesn't enjoy good quality Mexican food with a margarita or two... or three?

Splash some cash at the local shops

Ok so this one is quite self explanatory!

When it comes to shopping, Byron definitely has it's own unique sense of style. The best way to describe it is bohemian glamour, think 60s-boho-hippie-festival vibe... 

Take a stroll down Fletcher Street between Lawson and Marvell and you'll discover some great bou

Find your inner pro-surfer

No trip to Byron is complete without at least attempting (or in my case failing miserably) to surf. There are so many different inexpensive options, book yourself in for a lesson or just hire a board and hope for the best.

Pro-tip: drown yourself in sunscreen! It's super easy not to realise how badly you're burning while out on the water - Aussie sun is a killer!

Have you traveled to Byron Bay before? What are your top tips?
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