How to 'Propose' to your Bridesmaids

So you've said yes, that was the easy part! Now you just have a whole wedding to plan...

Over the years marriage proposals have become increasingly elaborate, so it's no surprise that 'bridesmaid proposals' have followed suit. 

Choosing a way to ask your bridesmaids to help you down the isle is no small task! To me, getting married is the most important day of your life, so picking your bridesmaids is a pretty big deal.

Before I was even engaged my sister had questioned how I was going to 'propose' to her, so I knew that I needed to do something special. The time finally came and I was engaged but now what? As I do with most things, I headed straight to Pinterest to gather ideas. 

I didn't know what I wanted, or how I would do it, but I did know one thing - it NEEDED to involve roses. My wedding motto has always been my four F's, friends, family, flowers and Flo (my fiancé), so why would the bridesmaid proposal be any different? 

I knew who I wanted as my bridesmaids, it was a pretty easy choice - my sister and my soon to be sister in law. However, my fiancé is Austrian and his whole family lives over there. This meant that whatever I did, it would have to be sent overseas - not the easiest task when you're wanting it to involve fresh flowers. Luckily, my fiancé's mum was willing to help and she did an amazing job following my instructions!

I've had a few friends reach out to me and ask what company I used for my bridesmaids gift box and all of them were quite surprised when I said I did it all myself. Any excuse to get my arts and craft on! 

So what did I do? 

Firstly, I bought a box and that was definitely the easiest part. I wanted their names on top, but unfortunately I was not born with the gift of calligraphy... so I cheated. I jumped into word, typed in the name, found the font I liked and printed it off. I then cut out the outline and traced it onto the box. Next I coloured it in with a gold metallic pen, painted on top of the name with glue and sprinkled over with gold glitter. Yes, I know this is a whole lot of effort but I'm 100% happy with how it turned out!

I wanted to include a present that the girls could wear on the day while we are getting ready and a silk robe seemed like the perfect option. I found Le Rose online and loved their feminine girly designs so I ordered two Josie Lace Satin Robe in soft pink. If a robe is something that you're after, I highly recommend Le Rose, the designs are gorgeous and the fabric is incredibly soft. Your orders arrive in a beautifully packaged gift bag with a gift tag that has been exclusively designed for Le Rose by The Lust List. To add an extra personalised touch, I got the girls initials embroidered onto the breast of the robe (this costs approx $15-20 depending on size/style). 

I also included a mini bottle of Moet (you can purchase from most bottleshops). This one is pretty self-explanatory - when I think of weddings I think of champagne and celebrations. I honestly think these little bottles are extremely cute - why is everything better in miniature? 

I then picked a photo that I liked with each bridesmaid and put it into a gold frame from Big W. I also included a little perfume sample, that I got at David Jones. I went into a store,  tested a few different scents and then asked for some samples, a nice addition that didn't cost a cent!

Lastly, my favourite part, flowers!! I don't know what it is about roses but they just make me happy. I bought blocks of oasis from the flower markets in Sydney and an assortment of pink roses. Then I just cut the stems and arranged the flowers how I wanted them. 

So far I am absolutely loving to process of wedding planning. Luckily I know what I like (and what I don't like) so everything has gone extremely smoothly and stress-free. Now that's it's 2018, it's officially the year that we get married, so keep your eyes peeled, there will be plenty of wedding updates coming your way!

Let me know if you would like a post on how Flo proposed!

How did you propose to your bridesmaids? 
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