What I want: for my 25th Birthday

My 25th birthday is fast approaching and my wishlist is growing. 

This list will definitely live up to its name... a list of things that I am wishing for, wishing being the key word here.

The proximity of my birthday to Christmas means that more often than not, family members lump their presents together so that I can get one 'bigger' present rather than multiple - which I am completely ok with. However, it does mean that come birthday, I've either already opened my present at Christmas, or I know what is coming. 

The truth is, I am an incredibly impatient person. As a result, by the time Christmas and my Birthday rolls around, I've generally already picked out what I want and have politely asked my family and/or Flo to get it for me. The upside is that I always get presents that I love, the downside is that there are no surprises and little room for 'additional' presents.

Listed below are a few things that I would absolutely love to receive - some attainable, some not so much. Flo's exact words were "keep dreaming" (Burberry scarf and Gucci belt... I'm looking at you). 

Click on the link and shop away if anything takes your fancy:

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