The Perfect Summer Cocktail For On The Go

You know how clothes come in and out of style, well drink trends are no different, and Aperol Spritz is the new cool kid on the scene.

Without a doubt, Aperol Spritz has been the go to drink for Sydneysiders this summer. Just have a quick scroll through your Instagram and surely you'll see the recognisable flashes of orange popping up all over your feed. But Aperol isn't alone in its popularity - Prosecco, bitters and spritzes have all been super trendy this summer.

Personally I love Aperol Spritz (and I'm definitely not alone) because it's ultra refreshing, ridiculously easy to make and super photogenic - just look at that colour! Containing only three ingredients, it really is easy to make - however if you're wanting a drink that you can just grab and go then Aperol Spritz mightn't be your answer... let me introduce you to Bevi Prosecco Spritz.
Bevi Prosecco Spritz is a modern take on the famous Italian 'Aperitivo'. In case you were wondering, an aperitivo is defined as an alcoholic beverage that is consumed prior to a meal with the intention of stimulating the appetite and Bevi 100% lives up to this name. The sparkling prosecco is infused with blood orange and bitter herbs - refreshing yet not too sweet. But be careful, on a hot day it's all too tempting... and easy to down a few of these bad boys a tad too quickly.

These little pre-packaged bottles are not only refreshing but they're incredibly convenient. It's the perfect cocktail to get your festivities going whether it's a backyard picnic, a New Year's brunch or a wedding celebration.

I'm a massive fan of food and drinks that are easy to create, look good and taste amazing - this drink ticks all of those boxes. All you need is to grab a few slices of orange, throw in some ice and pour yourself a glass - voila, you have yourself a portable and delicious afternoon cocktail .

Best paired with cheese, prosciutto, friends and good times.
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*This post was written in collaboration with Bevi Prosecco Spritz however all views are my own

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