Valentine's Day Gift Guide: For Him

Valentine's Day Gift Guide: For Him

Valentine's Day is just around the corner! But don't worry there's still a few (very few) days left to get your gifts sorted. 

One of my favourite things in life is giving presents. I love thinking about the person, who they are, what they like and then trying to pick the perfect gift. So when it's a gift for my partner, then that makes it even more special to me. 

That being said... surely I'm not the only one who struggles with gift giving for the guys in my life. I know exactly what I like and what I don't like, but the mindset of a boy is a whole other thing!

My partner in particular is not at all materialistic, which makes my job a little bit harder. Very rarely does he 'want' something, so when he does, he'll just go out and buy it. This is both good and bad... 

Bad because he already takes a lot of my present ideas away from me. Good because it means I need to get creative and come up with an idea that he wouldn't normally think of himself. Some of the best presents I've given him are things that he would have never thought to buy. 

You might have seen my recent post 'Valentine's Day Gift Guide: For Her', so it's only fair that I do a 'for him' edit also! If you read my 'for her' post then you know where I stand on Valentine's Day, however, if gift giving is the path you want to take, then let's get started: 

I hope you've enjoyed my gift guides as much as I've enjoyed making them!
Have a lovely Valentine's Day

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