What I Want: For The Snow

Snow glorious snow

The time has finally come.... I'M OFF TO EUROPE!!!

As you might have guessed it from the title, I'm about to head off skiing and I couldn't be more excited!

It's been almost a year since my last overseas trip and I'm the type of person who always has to have at least two trips planned in advance, otherwise I end up with a serious case of #wanderlust, which often leads to the impulse purchasing of flights.  

I wasn't actually meant to be off on another European holiday as we are saving for a wedding but when Thai Airways offered $1000 return flights I couldn't stop myself from clicking that tempting little 'book' button. 

There are so many reasons why I'm excited to be heading off to Europe; skiing in France is one of them, seeing Flo's family in Austria and catching up with friends is another, but to be honest, I'm mostly excited to get out of Sydney. Sometimes you just need to step back, slow down and relax. I always find the Jan/Feb/March months so frantic, everything is go, go go and this year has been no different. It's slightly sad to admit but I'm tired and I'm really looking forward to catching up on sleep during the flight over and not feeling guilty for doing sweet bugger all for over 20 hours. 

Anywho, you might be wondering where we are off to and the answer is Meribel! Meribel in France is  is part of the 3 valleys ski resort and let me tell you, this place is S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G!!!

I can say whatever I want, but it might be easier to just show you with some photos (Jan 2016):
Even just posting those photos makes me excited!

I've been stalking the weather forecast and all I'm seeing is snow, snow and more snow! Last time we were in Meribel we were blessed with some of the worst weather possible. To put it into perspective, Flo's Aunt and Uncle live in Meribel and they said it was one of the worst weeks skiing they've ever had - just our luck. But that's in the past and the weather forecast is looking up!

You know that standard question - what do you prefer, winter or summer. I feel like I am one of the only people who truly struggles to come up with a definitive answer - salt, sand or snow... I really just don't know! I might end up losing my rights to call myself an Aussie, but I think my heart might be slightly tilting towards the colder climates. 

If I'm honest, winter fashion has never been something I've paid a huge amount of attention to, and why would I, it would be kind of pointless to do so while living in Australia. When I'm at the snow I spend the majority of my time on the mountain skiing, or back in a villa in pyjamas. So I might not be exactly nailing it on the fashion front.

So with this trip coming up, I've been thinking about wha the pack and there were a few re-occurring themes/items that kept popping up on my wishlist:

Jumpers, Jackets & Knitwear

My biggest concern while at the snow is to being as snuggly as possible and jumpers, jackets and knitwear are the answer. There are so many cute options out there, you'll probably have a tough time picking just a few! Logo tees have been flooding our instagram feeds lately, so I think the Tommy Hilfiger jumper is a great way to work the trend into your outfit while keeping warm. If you read my post 'OOTD: The Perfect Summer Dress' then you're aware of my struggles wearing white, but I am going to persevere! There are so many lovely white jumpers and it's my aim to finally learn how to wear them, without spilling whatever I'm eating down the front... 

Here's some options that I've been loving/lusting:


Accessories are my number one recommendation for upping your winter game. At the end of the day, it's freezing and no matter how cute your outfit is, it's almost always going to be covered by a oversized jacket - this is where accessories become important. Cute beanies, super soft scarves and trendy sunnies are the way to go :) 

I recently treated myself to a pair of these Timberland boots and I can't wait to test them out in the snow! Another thing that I'm absolutely obsessed with (this is definitely more of an on-mountain trend), are the big reflective goggles and I've had my eye on the Oakley Flight Deck goggles for quite some time - they might have to be a sneaky purchase while I'm away... 

Skincare Saviours

The snow can be super harsh on you skin, especially if you're skiing - wind burn and freezing temperatures don't exactly work in your favour. Winter months means you can really up your skincare regime to the more intense products, and your skin will thank you for it! You might recognise one or two products in here from my 'How to overcome summer skincare struggles' blogpost:

So if you have an upcoming ski trips planned or live in a colder climate and are looking for some inspiration, then here's a helping hand:


  1. Im with you! Im more of a winter person however more like an Australian winter. I grew up in the snow and I can't think of anything worse haha! Although I do prefer cosy knits over singlets and T's. I like to getaway to tropical beach destinations but I don't exactly like summer only for holidays.

    PS - I use the 8 hour lip balm by Elizabeth Arden every day, its so good. I also use the Estee Lauder Pure Colour Envy Blooming lip is amazing too. They are my two current fav!


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