13 Priceline Beauty Must-Haves

13 Priceline Beauty Must-Haves

Priceline is one of those stores where you walk in with your mind set on quickly grabbing one product, only to walk out 20 minutes later with a bagful of goodies.

It can all be a bit overwhelming when you enter the beauty section (especially when they have their 50% off sale on), so it's good to go in with a plan, go in with an idea of what you want and try your very best to stick to your list.

To lend a helping hand, I've pulled together an overview of the top '13 Priceline Beauty Must-Haves'. These are products that I find myself returning to purchase time and time again, and often reaching for over my high-end products.

So next time  you're on the hunt for some affordable makeup, don't wing it (ha get it) and keep these products in mind!


1 - La Roche-Posay BB Cream

The La Roche-Posay BB Cream ($34.99) is new to my collection, but I find myself reaching for it almost every day for work. It's great for those days where you are not in the mood for a face full of make-up, yet still want a little bit of coverage so not everyone at work questions if you're ok, or asks why you look so tired (don't you hate that!! No Janet, I'm not tired... that's just my face). To make sure it lasts throughout the say, I set my trouble areas in place with the Hour Glass Veil Translucent Setting Powder ($70 - it is expensive but I HIGHLY recommend).

The La Roche-Posay BB Cream does a great job of covering blemishes, fine lines, brown spots and hydrating your skin. Also, with SPF 50+, it's a great one to add into your routine to regularly protect your skin against the sun!

Since bringing this into my collection, I still use my Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Hydrating Gel ($49) regularly, but at a slightly higher price point, I save this for less regular use.

2 - Nude by Nature Flawless Liquid Foundation

I tend to alternate between two foundations if I'm wanting fuller coverage for going out, one being NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation ($75), the other being my Nude by Nature Foundation ($39.95). 

Aside from absolutely gorgeous packaging, the Nude by Nature foundation is composed from natural ingredients and is oil free, fragrance free and cruelty free. This foundation is buildable for a medium to full coverage look, and is great for a satin-matte finish.


3 - Nude by Nature Mineral Cover

If you're somewhat into makeup, this product should come as no surprise. Over recent years, it has achieved cult status from the beauty followers. Nude by Nature Mineral Cover ($39.95) is a cruelty-free loose mineral powder foundation that delivers sheer to full coverage with a satin radiant finish, and SPF 15. The feather-light Natural Mineral Cover Foundation formula adapts naturally to skin tones, evens out complexion, covers redness and pigmentation, and conceals enlarged pores.

I've tried a lot of loose powders and the only one that I hold as preference to this is the Hour Glass Veil Translucent Setting Powder ($70). 


4 - Maybelline FitMe Concealer

The Maybelline Fit Me! Concealer ($15.95), in my opinion, is the best drug-store version of NARs' Radiant Creamy Concealer ($46). It is a creamy, mid-range coverage concealer that erases skins imperfections without hiding your skins natural radiance. The only problem I have with this product is the range of colours, with the lightest shade available not being super light. It's great for every day use, but due to the colour range, might not be the best if you're after that super bright under eye look.
5 - Maybelline Instant Rewind Concealer

At first, I was hesitant to try  this product. I thought the built in sponge applicator might be a bit gimmicky and not what I was after. But after watching multiple beauty tutorials rave about this product I thought  why not give is a go... and I've been loving it. I find myself reaching for this product most days when I'm getting ready in a hurry. It's quick and easy to use and is great for an every day look. 

The Maybelline Instant Rewind Concealer ($19.95) is NOT a full coverage concealer! But it's because of this that I love it. The liquid formula, while quite pigmented, it is extremely thin in texture. It's great at covering up dark circles and adding some brightness to your face, but it doesn't add any cakey texture to your skin! The super thin coverage means it's incredibly easy to blend, so it's a great one to add into your 'get ready quickly routine'.


6 - L'Oreal Highlighting Drops


As someone who previously loved a fully matte finish, I never thought I would be so excited about highlighting drops... yet here I am.

Recently, I've been moving more and more towards a glowly, dewy face when doing my makeup and the L'Oreal Highlighting Drops ($29.95) are a great way to achieve this look. You can use the concentrated drops under foundation for a natural-looking glow or mix is into and of the creamy products you are putting on your face.

For a no-makeup-makeup-look, I've been blending a few drops all over my face before finishing with a BB cream, clear eyebrow gel and a quick coat of mascara before running out the door. 

7 - Physicians Formula Butter Highlighter 
I must say, I bought this product on a whim, not really sure what to expect, but boy-oh-boy am I happy I did!

The texture of the Physicians Formula Butter Highlighter ($19.95) is probably the most fascinating texture of any product I own. It is a finely pressed, cream powder with a super unique texture. To touch it is super soft and velvety and when applied, it melts into your skin leaving a gorgeous glow. It's great for a natural look but can also be built up for a serious blinding glow.

8 - Nude by  Nature Highlighter Stick 

The Nude by Nature Highlighter Stick ($24.95) is a great glide on cream highlighter. It doesn't give you a blinding glow but instead it gives you a natural and healthy radiance to your skin.

As a bonus, you can double task this product and add a nice creamy glow to your eyes and use it as a shadow.

9 - Luma Liquid Light Illuminating Primer
Before heading to this year's Priceline 50% off beauty sale, I did some online research to popular products at the moment and the Luma Illuminating Primer ($29.95) kept popping up. I had recently been using a radiance primer I received as a tester from Mecca and as it was coming to an end I decided to give this product a try.

Primers these days come with a variety of features. While most extend the lifetime of your makeup, some reduce oil and shit, others hydrate and some add glow. Luma does all of the above, all whilst adding a gorgeous hint of shimmer to your skin. I can't get enough of it and have been reaching for this product every day. And it turns out I'm not the only one! Priceline's best-selling stats show that this little product is the best-selling primer in all stores across Australia - go you good thing!


10 - Luma Lip and Cheek Tint

When picking up the Luma primer mentioned above, I came across the Luma lip and cheek tint ($29.95) and remembered in the back of my mind coming across it somewhere online while researching products and couldn't help myself but also pick this up while it was on sale.

While I don't see myself using it as a cheek tint, I have been loving it for my lips! Not only does it moisturize and nourish your lips (which I'm sure we're all needing as the temperatures are starting to drop), but it also adds a subtle hint of colour. It's the subtly of colour that I am loving, leaving people wondering if I have anything on, or were just born blessed with luscious pink lips.  

11 - Lanolips Tinted Balm

I'm not lying when I say I don't go anywhere without this product. This Lanolips balm ($14.99) perfectly blurs the boundaries between natural lip care and lip makeup. It's deeply moisturising for dry and chapped lips and helps smooth and soften lips with a gorgeous and healthy pout. With SPF30 for daily sun protection, this tinted lip product is a must have for in your bag, home, car, office and anywhere else you may be!


12 - Real Techniques Sponges

 *Cough-beauty blender dupe - Cough*

There's not much to say for these little sponges other than they're a great product for applying your makeup to achieve a flawless finish. Dampen the sponge and dab away (dab, dab, dab, dab).

13 - Real Techniques Powder Brush

I am SUPERRRRR picky when it comes to makeup brushes, I hate when they feel prickly on your face, I hate when they eat up your product and I hate when they leave little hairs behind. 

But don't worry, Real Techniques has you covered. With a huge variety of brushes available, I am yet to come across one which I don't enjoy. PErsonally, I highly recommend the powder brush ($27.99). They're not super cheap, so wait until they go on sale and run to your closest Priceline to pick up a bargain.

If you're just as obsessed with beauty and skincare as I am, check out my posts 'Mac Makeup Must-Haves' and 'How to Overcome Summer Skincare Struggles'. 

Have you tried any of the products I've mentioned, comment below and let me know your thoughts! Or recommend any products you think I should pick up next time I'm in Priceline!

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